About Us

Capitalize through your financial data with our bookkeeping expertise

Smoothing the process of understanding, analyzing and enhancing business performances by taking care of all bookkeeping and taxation related needs of our clients.

Our Story

At Monily we are all about our customers, making their lives easier and their businesses grow is what we strive for. As we believe that success is only achievable collectively. Illustrating our core values in everything that we do. Monily truly believes in becoming the single power house of economic benefit to all businesses that use our services to decrease their bookkeeping worries as well as those that need their taxation problems sorted just before tax season, or throughout the year.

With Monily by your side, you don’t just get an amazing application that manages, handles and clarifies your books for you, by taking complete care of your bookkeeping needs. It even helps you get ready for taxation. With an interactive interface you also get to review your financial projections in a clear and simple manner.


Empowering businesses through cutting edge technology and simplified financial processes

Monily’s Mission

Smoothing business transactions for all clients, by accessing simple, easy to understand bookkeeping and taxation services that:

- Enable clients to focus more on their businesses

- Worry less about bookkeeping

- Leave taxation related problems on us to sort

- Provide value to our customers on all ends

Our Core Values

Integrity, honor and transparency is the code we live by.

Monily’s Vision

“To simplify financial complications and enrich clients’ businesses by delivering and reinforcing the best of human capital integrated with the latest technological resources available.”

Social Responsibility

Encourage economic empowerment and bridge gaps to fill up the digital divide

Generous Rewards

Ensure your finances are organized so you can reap greater profit returns.