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Are Millennials the Future of Accounting Firms?

By on August 30, 2017

The leaders of the new generation are millennials. More than 75 million of the overall world population are categorized as one of them. The oldest millennials may range in between the age cycle of early 30s so they are not quite old. These are the business leaders of tomorrow, and as every other business niche have some shining emblems, one such are present in the sphere of financial circle.

Having an imperishable impression, the millennials are now becoming the decision makers. They are trying to cultivate organizations that can control economies. Some examples can be seen in accounting firms likewise. Firms that are not good enough to retain these millennials seamlessly result in losing potential clients and jeopardizing their organizational growth opportunities.

A Strategic Look Towards the Transforming World of Accounting Firms

Millennial business owners of the modern world take a different approach towards performing effective analysis to gain an upper hand among similar businesses. A critical strategy that most millennials are opting for these days include taking short term performance analysis approach to identify results in major fields of long-term profitability, shareholder value, acquisition planning, risk managements, etc. More than half the millennial respondents from a survey report conducted this year responded that guidance is necessary to upheaval the growth of financial firms.

The need for this level of experience is further supported by the top accounting frustrations for millennial business owners: Reporting (24%), forecasting (20%) and managing cash flow (17%).

Another illustrative percentage stems from how accounting firms communicate. Nearly half (42%) of millennial business owners want an accountant that can translate complex financial concepts into terminology and reporting they can understand.

Services Millennial Preferred in Accounting Firms

To much of our surprise, most business owners in the millennial support the automated taxation service among the accounting services at their expense. They prefer technology as a solution to perform such services as compared to their predecessors.

  • More than 56 percent of millennials prefer technology recommendations in the field of accounting as compared to the old school accountants. Almost, one third of these 40 years or older individuals were compelled to support a similar thought process.
  • Half of the percentile of millennial business owners believed that bookkeeping services are better option than performing traditional methods of bookkeeping.
  • Invoicing rates using technology became the next norm for most millennial business owners as 20% of the overall population was in support of it.
  • While 22% believed that bill payments should also be overviewed and performed opting for these services accordingly.

This reflects that most millennials of the modern world are focusing towards specific niches of businesses involving technology approach and that’s what attracts most franchises, professional services, retailers and other business owners towards them. Accounting individuals now are at an advantage with nearly 40% indicating that they are a part of a larger circumference of the globalization approach. They believe that they have in-depth knowledge on specified industries and they are willing to prove it. Give them a chance! Maybe you might find the next shining emblem of the digitized world among these leaders of tomorrow.