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Top 5 Challenges Ecommerce Business Face Without Accounting Integration

By on October 6, 2017

If you wish to stay competitive in today’s ecommerce market, you need to have a ready solution for all of your customer’s query. It becomes rather difficult to achieve, if your website fails to integrate a robust accounting system using an ERP solution.

While some believe that integration of an accounting solution can be a bothersome and tiring task, hiring an accountant is a more feasible solution. Such an approach, however, can become heavily flawed. It’s because there is an increased chance of human error and you can ultimately result drowning assigned orders down the sink hole, if your accountant is not quick enough.

This can be attributed as one of the many challenges that an online ecommerce merchant face while observing accounting integration. Let’s discuss a few other challenges ecommerce accounting challenges that once can face without an online accounting integration:

Resource Allocation

Initially when you launch an ecommerce store, the sales frequency is low and most order processing queries are easily handled by a single person, usually the business owner himself. However, as the store expands, it inquires resource expansion and hence, as a business owner, you may have to invest more to keep things propelled into motion.

Now you can’t expect your marketing manager or a sales representative to record data orders accordingly. Here’s why your ecommerce store needs an automated ecommerce accounting integration so your orders can be processed accordingly.

Controlling Expenditures

Individual processing of orders inquires maintenance of database, hiring extra employees for record keeping, track shipping information, hire quality assurance individuals and much more. These are not a single time investment, but recurring ones and if your ecommerce store runs tight on sales and production, you may end up paying them from other budgets. Don’t forget human error is unavoidable and you may have to end up facing issues such paying up for multiple shipments, replacing damaged goods, etc.

If you don’t want to end up in such a hassle and create a cost-effective solution to controlling expenditures, then an accounting service for ecommerce will work best for you.

Scaling Up Your Business

Increased sales activity on your ecommerce store will compel you to stabilize plenty of goals and objectives. With more traffic coming to your website, your accounting system may suffer longer delays with order processing. It’s because you will either perform processing yourself or hire an individual to process it for you. With increase in number of products and SKUs available for sale, there is a high probability that you might end up with non-synchronized accounting methods.

If you want to up-scale your business, either you can hire data entry operators and accountants on separate payrolls to manage it all for you… Or you can simply outsource your ecommerce accounting. The choice is yours!

Synchronization Issues: Pricing & Inventory

Synchronization is the key… At times, when you are selling a similar product or products with similar pricing, it is highly important that you should keep track of your inventory with pricing. This can be cumbersome if both, inventory and pricing aren’t available in a single system. You may ultimately end with observing operational efficiencies, data inaccuracies and payment confusions.

If you don’t wish to handle inventory or you don’t want to end up selling items that you don’t even have available in stock, then this can pose a serious threat for your business. Here nothing works better than an automated ecommerce accounting integration.

Deliver Best-in-Class Customer Experience

If you want your ecommerce business to prosper in the long run, you need to create a community of happy customers around your digital product. Meeting such drastically growing changes can become rather challenging and your non-integrated online business can struggle with delivering outclass products to customers.

In order to make sure your customers are happy, you need to follow a subtle approach to process volumes of orders and nothing can pose a threat more to your business than a man behind a machine performing accounting operations open to committing mistakes. Automate your ecommerce accounting with an integration at the back-end.

If your ecommerce business is right around the corner to become the next big thing, then you should realize that your online e-store face certain challenges. And in order to overcome such, it is necessary that you integrate an ecommerce accounting software to your online store. If you want your leads to grow and maximize your profit returns, get yourself an ecommerce accounting integration at the back-end of your online store.